Dita Von Teese being gagged behind the scenes at a photoshoot. She truly is perfection.

Hi!!! Awesome pics. You are a beautiful woman and the gags look sexy on you. Your man is lucky lol. Do you like using pantyhose as a gag?
Asked by Anonymous

I’m not really comfortable with strangers giving me those kinds of compliments. But yes, I’ve used pantyhose as a gag before and I enjoy it. I prefer using black tights as opposed to nude ones though.

Okay, I’m afraid I have to have a bit of a moan. 

I love this gagged selfies trend. It’s awesome. But it has one massively negative side effect. The number of gagged selfies appearing on my dashboard from obviously underage girls is horrifying. It is literally happening on a daily basis now.

I have nothing against under 18s taking these photos. God knows that I used to. It’s a healthy part of sexual expression.

But what is a problem is the adults who are shamelessly reblogging these images. Because I’m sorry - in the majority of cases it is blindingly obvious that they are under 18. In other words, it is blindingly obvious that they are children. There is no excuse for it.

Like I said, I’m sorry to moan on. But this is genuinely important. Please start using your brains. Think before you reblog something.

What are your thoughts on stuffing gags? Congrats on 5000 followers!
Asked by bpherrin

Thanks :3 I’ve got to say that I’m not keen on wearing them myself. I find them a bit uncomfortable and they dry out my mouth. And I just prefer the way that gags look without stuffing x

New selfie to celebrate 5,000 followers :3

Hello there! Congrats on the impressive milestone recently! :) My question for you: do you have any particular bondage-related fantasies at the moment? If so, are they just fantasies or are there any you're hoping to actually try out some day? (apologies if you've been asked this before)
Asked by themask237

Thanks, lovely! One thing that I’m seriously into at the moment is the idea of being tied up and teased in front of a mirror. Maybe that’s the narcissist in me speaking? Haha, nah. There’s just something about being able to watch what’s going on that gives me shivers. All the benefits of a video/photos with none of the drawbacks! I’d definitely be up for doing that :3 x